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Birthdate:May 10
Website:Carpe Wiki page
Name: Blind Mag
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Media: Movie/Musical
Played bymatrixrefugee
Physical description:Moderately tall and shapely with wavy, waist-length black hair. She lacks her cybernetic eyes, but she has had her sight restored and her eyes are still a strange, starry sort of sapphire blue with a hint of grey. Carries herself with poise and grace but somehow is unaffected in her bearing. Typically dresses in a kind of Victorian Gothic style that's somewhat dramatic, but not as much as some of her concert gowns and other costumes.
Personality: Poised and confident without too much bravado, graceful and gracious. She's a consummate performer who gives her all to her audience and to her art. She is aware of her talent, but has not let this knowledge or her fame go to her head -- the price that she had to pay for it has made her realize what is at stake here.
Short biography:Born blind, Mag is given the ability to see by signing her life away in a contract to sing for GeneCo Genetic Opera. She is marked for repossession and is set to deliver her final performance for the company. She is Shilo's godmother and was best friends with Marni; when hearing of Rotti's decision to provide Shilo with a cure for her "blood disease" she risks enraging Nathan and Rotti by coming to Shilo's house and warning her not to make the same mistakes she did by taking Rotti's cure.

Interests (16):

crossover classical, geneco, gothic fashion, leather corsets, looking out for shilo, marni wallace, opera, pop opera, puccini, rock opera, rossini, singing, soprano, synthetic eye transplants, the genetic opera, verdi
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